Ніна Вітюк

Exquisite accessories from Ukrainian designer Nina Vitiuk can beautifully adorn any woman’s wardrobe.

Especially women who understand that true style and beauty are beyond time and space. Nina's accessories will give the wearer a feeling of confidence and harmony; perfectly completing any outfit and occasion.

Any discerning individual will appreciate the radiance of these items, which are made from luxurious Japanese beads, skilfully encrusted with precious stones.

Every item created by Nina is unique. From evening bags and clutches and eyeglass cases to semi-precious pendants and necklaces, these are only part of a collection which is continuously updated and enhanced with great care and enthusiasm by their creator.

Only the best materials are used, such as the finest Japanese beads, Swarovski crystals, cabochons, natural silk and leather, as well as author technologies to create premium products. Doing so reflects Nina's desire for quality in everything she produces.

Created with love and delivered to its owner to become a favourite for life; perhaps a talisman. This is a key element of Nina Vitiuk’s success and popularity. Others will also admire the items; especially as a carefully chosen gift for a loved one. Every item is guaranteed to provide a lifetime of pleasure.